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A Page for general news items and whats new on the site

The first item being that a good mate (see photos of a couple of nice salmon he caught in the photo gallery) from the States, Dale Darling has just set up a site of his own where he will be publishing and selling instructional videos . the site is still very much in the construction mode but worth a good look . Link through on the links page

Have added some new photos of some Francis Francis groups in the photo gallery and some new photos in Salmon flies including some Rogan patterns and some early Spey Flies 3/5/10

Added some new pics to Fly Collections in the Gallery. A couple of Fairies to the Salmon Fly section and some new Speys from Kelson to the Spey and Dee section

Just added new pics to Speys, Salmon flies, Moms and streamers. Also opened a new page for hairwings. A few new pics in the gallery 18/8/10

More pics added to the gallery fly groups . Plus a few in the Salmon fly section under general patterns and a new section for larger flies 25/11/10

Added some how to on Dee wings on the Tutorials page 9/1/11 

       The cover of my soon to be released book

I have been doing some re-organising of the pages. I am putting all of the fly pictures over to the picture gallery as this will make it easier pick out any particular fly and it gives everyone the opportunity to blow each pic up just by clicking on the chosen fly.

For the Aussie members I have a little feature in the Weekly Times today the 6th

Cheers for now 


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