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Some Specials

 These are all rather large flies which I feel need a larger picture to show them of properly

The Doctor Family

Oberons friends from Kelson

Rogan Mixed wing Flies

A couple from Blacker and two older mixed wings taken from old photos

Some Anthonys`

Interesting little group. The 3 Yellow Anthonys are as published in Malone . Shows how a pattern can vary from place to place-tyer to tyer 

One of my very few Traherne Patterns

Some flies from Francis Francis These are his general patterns which I will be adding to periodically

Two of the same only different 

Two similar flies from the same period. The Popham from Jones` Guide to Norway (1848) on the left, and on the right a Gaudy Fly from Blacker (1842) Plus one

Some General Patterns

The Una on the left is a rather complicated little beast . with the Lion on the right are both from Kelson

A couple more from Kelson which one doesn`t see very often 

The ever popular Jock Scott. Lady Amherst. The Empressand the Tolfrey Major

The Jock Scott is a fully built wing from pattern from Kelson. The Lady Amherst is from Bonbright (Canada)

The Empress fro Kelson and the Major is from Tolfrey 

A Few More the Black Doctor fromWalbran. Bonne Bouche. Campbell and the Killer (Ythan)

The Black Doctor from Walbran is a version not seen very often . the Bonne Bouche and the Campbell are both from Kelson.

Some flies from pre 1800

#1 and #2 (the Kingsfisher)are probably the earliest examples of recorded salmon flies . #1 listed about 1775 and the Kingsfisher jisted a few years later. Then we have the Black dog and three from Taylor from about the same period. Lastly is the Ogmore, first published by Bainbridge in 1816 ,but, no doubt around for a long time prior to that

 A couple from Kelsons` from the Salmon Fly. The Captain was sometimes referred to as the Poynder in Scotland

 The Torrish was a killer on the Helmsdale according to Kelson. The Orange Parson probably the most clourful of the Parson Flies . Mu favourite anyway

Silver Doctor                                 Silver Ardea

 A couple of mixed wings from Kelson. The Silver Doctor is one of the Doctor series from designed by james Wright. The Silver Ardea also has a Blck bodied version


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