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Photo Gallery

Old Stuff Old Stuff Old wallet Old wallet from about 1900 complete with flies from the period 71974546 OW 2 cou[le of new flies on hooks that came with the wallet 71974547 OW 3 71974548 OW 4 71974549 OW 5 some of my flies from the 50s 71974550 OW 6 More of the same 71974551 Old packaged hackles from the 30s 71974652 More hackles 1 71974653 More hackles 2 71974654 More hackles 3 71974655 And yet again 71974656 Oldies from prior to the 1920s Old ones from prior 1920s in a Mallochs fly box 73338310 Mallochs` fly box I think from the 1920s Old Mallochs Fly Box with what looks like a Japanned finish 73685273 The contents The contents of the Mallochs Box 73685274 My first vise My first vise approx 1951 produced by Lance Wedlick. 60 years old and still working. The jaws are still in A1 condition 95447869