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Photo Gallery

Aussie Friends Aussie Friends little girl Blue from Mick Hall, taken in one of his favourite streams in N/E Victoria.. Mick had this little bloke checked out by fisheries biologists and it appears to be a throwback to the Blue Trout of yesteryear. Something really remarkable 56807674 One of Micks` favourite places Little Pine Lagoon 56807675 Another view of Little Pine 56807676 A boys first on a fly. Micks Grandson on the Rubicon in Victoria 56807677 Grandad had to get himself in the pic even if only his hand 56807678 Vics` (Smythes ) fishing shack 56807679 Shack interior 56807680 Journalist and good mate, Simon Pinder with a nice Bream from the Tambo 56879594 Mark Griffin Fly fisherman and photographer extrordinaire, With his first fly caught trout. A 7pounder taken on a beetle pattern at a secret location near Ballarat 61094769 Allies` Rubicon A view of the Rubicon River Victoria from Ally. A favourite stream for a lot of people 67083298 Allies` Rubicon 11 Another Rubicon shot 67083299 A beautiful looking Brown from the Rubicon 67083300 Reeves /Golden John Webb of Tambofinefeathers with friend 67979431 Tabofinefeathers Feathers on the hoof 67980221 Geehi River From the Upper Geehi courtesy Dave Townsend 149332967 King River Victoria From the Upper King courtesy Dave Townsend 149332968 Ovens River A shot of the Ovens River .Smoko Victoria Courtesy Dave Townsend 149332969 Victoria River Victoria River at Dinner Plain courtesy Dave Townsend 149332970