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Photo Gallery

fly collections fly collections The Three doctor patterns from kelson plus the White Doctor 84962579 Ephemeras Patterns for the Spey 84962578 Ephemera Collection The complete set of the Illustrated patterns 54511269 Ephemera Collection (Illustrated Flies) The flies shown with the 5 pages of illustrations Page 1 73686225 Ephemera Collection Page 2 73686226 Ephemera Collection Page 3 73686227 Ephemera Collection Page 4 73686228 Ephemera Collection Page 5 73686229 Four Perfect Patterns from Ephemera 95448689 The Three Graces from Ephemera Interesting lot this. Th Aglaia is supposed to represent a silvery moth and to be used late evening into the dark. The others to be slim and Dragonfly like as the Erin-go-Bragh 95448692 Tweed Flies from Ephemera 119343242 Mr Scropes` Flies for the Tweed, from Ephemera 120050684 the Blacker Collection The collection of flies from Blackers` The Art of Fly Making 1842. less a couple of Spring Flies to be added later, There are a couple of extras at the bottom of the first section . there is also a Ghost Fly on the right hand section. Sizes range from 6/0 down to #5 63531191 Blackers general flies These are the illustrated patterns from the Art of Fly Making for general use 45372754 a collection of Blue Charms from #4--#12 A collection of Blue Charms from#4 -312 44715610 The Tolfrey Collection The illustrated patterns from Jones` Guide to Norway by Tolfrey 45373698 Childers variations from Tolfrey 1848 and Price-Tannat 1914 Childers variations from Tolfrey through to Price-Tannat 47679873 Black Dogs from Mackintosh to Kelson Dressings range from about 1775 or so to about 1895 44716156 You can see some of the history of these flies on feathersfliesandphantoms(links page) 56794132 Gordons A collection of Gordons dressed for the Dee Top Row from the fishing Gazette1884 Murdoch and Walbran are similar F.G 1886 and Grimble 1892 Middle...William browns Dressing from kelson........William Gardens` dressing from Kelson also and Maxwell 1913 Bottom...Price-Tannat 1914 and one from Michael Frodin which could be close to the original from Cosmo Gordon A bit of history on feathersfliesandphantoms 57493523 Beauly Flies Mr Snowies` Flies for the Beauly from the Francis Francis collection The first of several Groups to follow 69006580 Ff flies for the Bush Flies for the Bush from the Francis Francis Collection By WM. Doherty & Son fly-tyers of Bushmills 80888083 FF flies for the Dovey Dovey Flies from the Francis Francis Collection The dressings from Farlows 80888084 Bainbridge flies 119343241 FF flies for the Ness Ness Flies from Francis Francis Collection 80888085 FF flies for the Nore Nore Flies By Mr Staples from the Francis Francis Collection 80888086 FF Garry flies Garry Flies for the Garry by Mr Snowie from the Francis Francis Collection 80888087 Francis Francis for the Garry 95448688 Tay Flies from Francis Francis 95448691 Flies for the Spey from Kelson 95448690 A Bunch of Hairwings A mixed bunch 95448687 The Old Irish Gentleman and other Salmon Killers from Ephemera 107569332 Some Eagles 107569333 Sir Herbert Maxwells` flies for the Luce from Francis Francis 107569334