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Photo Gallery

General General FLYTYERS of the World I was very fortunate to be included in this beautiful book 21086800 Flytyers of the World Opening pages of my profile 21086799 Misty morning on the Nicholson 21408558 Painings by Sarah Briston These are paintings of a coupleof my Silver Wilkinsons by Sarah Briston of the UK. You can see more of her work at 21518296 Tambo River looking downstream on the Tambo near Bennetts` brook 49663307 Hollands Landing View from Hollands landing looking towards Lake Victoria on the Gippsland Lakes 23487447 Man at work Taken at Fishcare expo Lakes Entrance Sept `08 28627305 Fishing Buddy Nicholson River. picture by Mark Griffin 55792720 Ogden Smith Page of Jock Scotts from Ogden Smiths catalogue 1940s 28627744 Man at work Nicholson River. Secret spot 55792721 Hanging on my wall Am/gold hanging on my wall , courtesy Tambofine feathers. Too good to use!!!!!!!! 68022935 My new book the new book to be on the market very very shortly 114365503 the Back cover 114365504 a sample of the inside 114365502 Weekly Times Article Article written about Bob in the Weekly Times 6-4-11 122159098