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Photo Gallery

Horse Hair Eyes Horse Hair Eyes Tie in ends of doubled tail hair 195781903 Fold forward to lock in 195781904 Fold hair in half and tie back to shank 195781905 Double end over to lock in 195781906 Repeat You should have 8 strands at this point 195781907 making sure all strands are even length put Dubbing needle in end of loop Pull tight and twist together. No of turns to suit the length of the loop. So long as all is even 195781909 put some thing at roughly centre point. I use a cotton bud stick.and fold back holding end in place while still on needle 195781908 Pull out stick and hair will twist back on itself 195781910 Make sure end is tied in securely 195781911 Now pull hair around stick again and lash end of loop in place 195781912 195781913 trim off surplus 195781914 Bind all loose ends down and varnish 195781915 Finished If you want to fish with these use two strands for extra length and start further down the shank so hair reaches most of the way down for better security 195781916