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Photo Gallery

Blacker Wings SBS Blacker Wings SBS Used the #4 for the Findhorn as an example. The following few steps are pretty much standard body work etc 193296114 193296115 193296116 193296117 193296118 193296119 Pics 1 to 7 need no explanation 193296120 Select equal sized strips of each of the feathers required and according to pattern description and lay pout in order 193296121 Take the left hand strips for the rear side wing and stack directly on top of each other in order and keeping the tips level. . As the great man said it is easiest to do this on the knee 193296122 Pick up bunch of slips and measure for length.Do not brush out as you would a Rogan pattern. Pinch together and tie in on the offside with 2 or 3 turns of thread finishing with a half hitch (running knot ) 193296123 At this point some adjustment may be needed to make sure it is in the correct position on the far side and not encroaching onto the near side 193296124 In position 193296125 Repeat with the right hand (near side ) slips and tie in as before 193296126 far side view 193296127 Trim waste and drench the wing roots with varnish 193296128 Finish and add final coats of varnish 193296129 Another example using the McPherson which has the addition of a wool head. Just follow the same instructions 193296130 193296131 193296132 193296133 193296436 193296437 193296439 193296440 193296441 To finish Apply a liberal amount of varnish to the head and Dub a small amount of wool to the thread and wind from the front to the rear. At this point the varnish will be very tacky and the dubbing will stick like................ 193296442 Finish against the wing with one or two half hitches and put a dob of varnish on the knot with your bodkin or as I do put a drop of varnish the thread before tightening the knot 193296443