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                           Welcome to BOBFLY

                                         About me

I have been tying flies for more years than I care to remember. From my first meeting with a vise and some feathers when thirteen years old after meeting Lance Wedlick when i was was selling Yabbies for bait to Alcock& Pierce in Melbourne where Lance happened to be the manager. Lance soon had me tying bodies for some flies and some simple streamers used for attaching to spinners of the time. I`ve been tying trout flies ,etc professionally on and off ever since. At the moment I am tying Traditional Atlantic Salmon Flies to frame for display purposes plus a few trout, bass and saltwater flies for sale. I have been lucky enough to win a few prizes in some fly tying comps of late including some medals and quite a few other awards in Mustads Comp.

  I`ve also been very fortunate in being listed in Flytyers of the World Volume 2 of a 5 Volume Tome from VEM Publishing in Great Britain. When finished this will be a truly wonderful collection of 100 great tyers worldwide and I consider myself very lucky and honoured to be listed in such great company.

Just recently I was approached to tie up some flies to illustrate the latest book from Michael Radencich along with a lot of other tyers around the world . Also I`ve just recently had book published on Blacker`s Flies from his 1855 edition. Called the Blacker Compendium it is a collection of all the salmon flies in the book plus some, with all the hard yakka/compilation/design and setting out all done by my good mate Dale Darling from the States. More abou this on another page. I`ve set this site up to share some of my patterns of all types, mostly Classical Atlantic Salmon flies plus all the popular styles including trout and salt water flies. I will also be updating and changing the pics., on my picture pages whenever possible. Most of the flies I have on here are available for purchase Any input from anyone on ways that I can improve the presentation on here would be most welcome whether they are anglers or not. If there are flies not listed on here that might be of interest or if anyone has any queries of any sort I will be more than happy to help if possible.This can be done by leaving a message in the guestbook or on my private email bobfly

Now happy and tying and fishing in East Gippsland in Victoria with a great view of the Gippsland Lakes system and surrounded by an ever increasing pile of fly tying materials.

I also have flies posted on a few other sites which are listed on the links page plus a few of my favourite sites .

In the photo Gallery I have included pics from some of my friends from here in Australia and from overseas which I think most people will enjoy.

Cheers from Nicholson 

I`m not grumpy it`s just the way they dress me.......................

` Depend upon it, dear angler , that there is no dogmatic rule to be laid down either for maidens or fish. Take the word of one who hath experience in both. You can`t diagram them; you must study their humours as well as you can, and suit your arts to your customer as near as may be. If that fails,try perseverance.`

Francis Francis

Book on Angling

Contact me at [email protected]


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